Achleshwar Mahadev Mandir

Aligarh’s very old temple is Mahadevji’s magnificent temple in the courtyard of Achaleshwar Dham. To the west of this temple is a rectangular immovable lake. The length of the lake is 220 wide and 125 yards. At the northeastern corner of the lake is Gomuki, where the water of a sacred river, such as the Ganges, was flowing. In 1856, water flowed into Quarsi Bamba from the top of Ganganahar, which flows near Harduaganj. Only by Quasi Bamba was a stream of water paved along the Strait of Ramgut taken out and connected to this rubber ki, so that the water fell into an immobile lake faster. Today, the lake is dry and desolate due to government overkill. If Ramlila takes place at Ramlila Maidan in front of Achaleshwar Dham, this lake will only be filled with water during the Saryu Par Leela match. In the middle of the lake is the Temple of Shiva. There are iron railings around this temple, and a bridge from the west to this temple. Dozens of temples of various gods are built around Achaleshwar Dham. On the north bank of the Akar Valley, there are very old temples of Mankameshwar, Mahamaya and 12 gods. There was a cave near the rubber tree built in this northeast corner where a Siddha man was meditating lonely. The ghat was built here because it is said that Surajimaru Jat, the king of Mathura and Bharatpur, had authority over Aligarh..

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