Agriculture Technology Management Agency, ATMA OFFICE

The “Innovation of Technology Dissemination” component of the National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) to address the main limitations of the national advisory system associated with the diminished capacity of public advisory services and their decentralization and lack of demand-side orientation. ) Was carried out in seven states of the country: Andrapradesh, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Jarkand, Orissa, Maharastra and Punjab, through four project districts in each state.
This component was intended to test new institutional arrangements for technology dissemination below the district level in order to reach an integrated delivery of extensions. The process of the
project included the adoption of bottom-up planning procedures to establish research advisory bodies to facilitate the acquisition of technology from farmers and to hold them accountable. The
Extended Delivery was designed for group targeting to meet the unique needs of farmers’ sites.
Equality concerns have been addressed appropriately in the project. It acts as a district-level registration association, acts as a center for the integration of research and dissemination activities, and supports the decentralization of management of agricultural technology transfer.

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