Shri Varshney Mandir

Organization of the Life Consecration of God’s Idols at the Shri Varshney Temple Auspicious Date Chaitra Skrashri Ram Navami No. Therefore, April 12, 2000, the morning of Vidia Vinayak Shree Ganesh Ji, Karash Worship and worship has begun. According to the instructions of Jagadguru Shankaracharya Pujyapad Shri Madhavashram Ji Maharaj of Badrikashram Peeth, Shri Ganesh ji was worshiped by prominent teachers of Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, Narwar, according to the law, and worshiped Kalash by all hosts. Later, the mother and sister in yellow robes began on the temple grounds and completed the auspicious rounds of Gandhi Nagar, Premier Nagar, Hatras Ada, Dwarka Puri, and Akar Sarova on the temple grounds. I started Kalash Yatra. The jar, decorated with unique crafts, adorned the heads of well-dressed sisters in a row..

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